The Story Behind Chip Talks

Chip Talks is an absolutely thrilling podcast that takes you on a wild journey through the most complex and cutting-edge information out there. If you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, this is the podcast for you! Chip, a true trailblazer and world leader in the field, is a genius when it comes to understanding human function, particularly the mind-blowing realm of the endocannabinoid system. But that’s not all—Chip’s curiosity knows no bounds! He is also deeply intrigued by the realms of free energy and frequency mathematics and their practical applications. Brace yourself for mind-expanding discussions that will leave you breathless!

Let’s dive deeper into the extraordinary life of Chip. He kick-started his professional journey at Fortune 100 companies, where he honed his skills and achieved phenomenal success. As a classically trained mathematician and engineer, Chip’s expertise is unparalleled. His previous role as an executive with a tech company put him in charge of a team of over 40 individuals and a jaw-dropping budget in the tens of millions of dollars. Talk about making big waves in the corporate world!

But Chip’s passion for making a difference goes far beyond the boardroom. In 2014, he and his remarkable wife Cindy embarked on an awe-inspiring venture—they opened a vape store in Owasso, OK. Their decision was fueled by their personal journey of quitting smoking using vapor products, and they were determined to share this groundbreaking technology with the world. Their visionary concept, Palm Beach Vapors, revolutionized the industry and became the first-ever brick and mortar retail vape franchise system in the entire country. Entrepreneur Magazine even featured their mind-boggling concept in their prestigious February 2016 issue!

However, Chip and Cindy’s impact didn’t stop there. In the same year, they fearlessly launched a non-profit organization called Oklahomans For Health (OFH). Brace yourselves, because OFH became the driving force behind the monumental push for medical marijuana in Oklahoma! In 2015, Chip—with the invaluable assistance of dedicated activists—crafted the state question that would ultimately become Oklahoma’s medical marijuana law. Their tireless efforts involved rallying support, gathering enough petition signatures to secure a spot on the Oklahoma ballot, and eventually triumphing in the successful passage of the law. Can you believe it? No state question in Oklahoma’s history has garnered such immense grassroots support without the astronomical budgets usually required for such endeavors. Chip and Cindy’s unwavering dedication to medical marijuana has earned them significant power in shaping Oklahoma’s medical marijuana landscape. In fact, they recently played a pivotal role in defeating an out-of-state effort to meddle with Oklahoma’s progressive situation. Talk about fighting for what’s right!

Chip’s life has been a relentless pursuit of understanding the intricacies of human function. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge led him on an awe-inspiring journey of fascination with the enigmatic endocannabinoid system. Through tireless research, devouring countless studies, and self-study, Chip has emerged as a bona fide world expert on the theory of the endocannabinoid system. His profound ideas and theories have captured the attention of PHDs and MDs from renowned universities, who are now actively developing research projects based on his groundbreaking insights. But Chip’s brilliance doesn’t stop there! He engages in exhilarating discussions on theory with esteemed scientists, thought leaders, decision-makers, health professionals, and even the average Joe. It’s no wonder that Chip has graced the TEDx stage, captivating audiences with his visionary ideas. He has crafted educational presentations that cater to a diverse range of knowledge seekers, from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic budtenders. Chip’s reputation precedes him, and he is constantly invited to appear on national and international media formats, spreading his electrifying wisdom far and wide!

Prepare to have your mind blown once again because Chip’s genius extends beyond theory and research. His formulations can be found in the awe-inspiring brand called TrueMedx. Yes, you read that right! Chip’s mind-boggling discoveries have been transformed into tangible products that are making a profound impact on people’s lives. And if you find yourself in Ada, OK, you absolutely must pay a visit to Chip and Cindy’s extraordinary clinic, Neighborly Nutrition and Clinic. It’s a haven where they work tirelessly to help people on a daily basis, utilizing their vast knowledge and expertise to transform lives.

But wait, there’s more! Chip’s most recent venture is nothing short of awe-inspiring. He is passionately involved with an organization called “Treat the Cause,” a movement that is shaking the very foundations of medical understanding. Their audacious mission? To uncover the underlying cause of most—if not all—diseases. They are starting with cancer, and their program in Oklahoma is already yielding mind-blowing results. What sets them apart is their data-driven and outcomes-based approach. Brace yourself for groundbreaking discoveries and astonishing breakthroughs!

Chip Talks is not just a podcast. It’s a breathtaking odyssey into the realm of knowledge, guided by a visionary genius who is changing the world as we know it. Buckle up and prepare for an exhilarating ride because Chip will take you to places you never thought possible. Get ready to unlock the secrets of the human function, explore mind-bending concepts like free energy and frequency mathematics, and discover a world where groundbreaking discoveries become a reality. Chip Talks is here to inspire, educate, and empower you to embrace the extraordinary. Get ready to join the revolution!

Meet Your Host

“Chip Paul is a forensic researcher of human function, an activist, but most of all an alchemist.  Paul pursues human health and demonstrates his competence through formulations which modulate the endocannabinoid system by his patented methods.  Paul recently has begun to disclose his methods of manipulating health by teaching his thoughts on human function.  Paul was a TedX speaker in 2022 and prides himself on building on current research and very well established scientific theories.”

Chip Paul

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